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January 03, 2021

TOYL talks to

Right, here we go!

Before we get the scales out, before we pop on the running shoes, before we even think about downward dogging let's have a look at our will power.

I've tried and failed (and succeeded) to take up new activities related to my health on many occasions and I've got a feeling it comes back to one thing - willpower.

However, this year, before you go into any new activity I want you to ponder this.

If you're considering some sort of self improvement project (weight loss, fitness, healthy choices etc) ask yourself why you might have failed in the past?   Be honest.  Is it that little voice in your head at some point said "stuff this for a game of soldiers"?  If so, I want you to revisit the word "willpower" and substitute in "self love".

In short, if you don't love yourself you're not going to make good choices on a long term basis for yourself.  Now, this is deep stuff so it's probably easier to take a look at the video chat I did with Claire Davies of HERE.

In this video Claire & I shoot the breeze on why we women are happy to do everything for everyone else such as partners, kids, pets, family etc, but we let that little voice talk us out of making strong choices for ourselves.  We pick the easy route too often for ourselves when, in fact, to help everyone we need to in life we need to make the best choices for ourselves.

That's why in 2021 I'm going to exercise six days out of seven, I'm back on my weight loss regime, I'm upping the veg in my diet and I'm going to practise a lot (and I mean a lot) of self care because that is what I deserve.

Anyway, enough about me, back to you so if any of this resonates check out the video chat with Claire and let's see if we can cultivate self love right from the get go.




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