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What? This Old Thing?

March 16, 2024

What?  This Old Thing?

I had a really fun week.  In fact, I've got another one next week too. It's just like buses, you don't get a fun week for ages and then two come along in the same month.


Next week - and I do hope you will join me on Instagram and Facebook for the posts, I'm @toyl40 on both - I'm off to the largest beauty show in the world to find out about new ingredients, products and innovations in this industry.  It's thirty-three halls big and when I say halls, each one is the size of a big hall at the NEC - my poor feet!


It is in Italy and I'm staying in Florence for two nights and I cannot wait.  Some sun (well, in the evenings anyway), some wonderful food to eat and for thought.  It will be shattering but great fun.  Anyway, that's next week.


This week I went to the biggest beauty awards event in the UK which is held in London where we meet brands that have entered to chat about their products.  There's a massive beauty bag to take away to test some of the products and it is always a highlight, worth around £1k and weighing 22lbs.  I did not enjoy getting that on the tube and train home but sacrifices must be made.


I also went to a new shopping TV channel, Health & Beauty TV who are launching late in April and are showcasing the TOYL box to their audience.  We recorded two shows and the first will be live 22nd April.   In case you're wondering, do you remember the scene in Bridget Jones's Diary where her mum assists the orange Julien with jewellery demonstrations on a shopping channel?  I felt I was channeling that in my performance, but anyway, it was here I met Jess.


Jess Edwards is a young woman in her early thirties (I think) and trained at the Sylvia Young Theatre School in London.  She's been in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in the West End and a children's TV show (I can't remember the name) and now she is a shopping channel TV presenter.  She's very good as you'll see.


When we were taking a short break I chatted to her and told her so.  "I know" she said.


How refreshing and wonderful. 


How many times were we told when we were younger to answer a compliment by mumbling something such as "well, I don't know about that" so that the other person could get even more effusive in their compliments.  Why?  I was told - quite often - when I was younger, not to get ahead of myself, not to be "showy".  Now, I fully accept that I was a reasonably precocious child but false modesty was instilled in so many of us and, actually, had a real impact on our feelings of self-worth and recognition of our own talents.  I can't do it, rather than I can do it was what a lot of us thought because of this.


Jess wasn't being showy when she said "I know" it was just a fact.  She is a great presenter and she is good enough to get paid for it.  How brilliant.


How much can we learn from women who are like this, not pushy, not showy but relaxed in what they are good at.  You and me need to start taking compliments better and instead of saying "gosh this old thing?  Well I bought it ages ago" just to say "thank you".


I read that Sharon Osborne (wife of Ozzie) was telling a story whereby she complimented James Cordon on his shoes.  Instead of saying "thank you" he related the designer who made them.  Maybe he thought that's what she was asking or maybe he wanted to show what great taste he had, but the best answer was just "thank you, that is so kind."


You have great talents be it kindness, craft or organisational skills, cooking or whatever and I know this because we all have something we are actually good at.  The next time someone compliments you, be more Jess.  "Thank you" is what we say and accept that someone was clever enough to recognise your talent when they saw it.

Have a great weekend!




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