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Amy Schmidt - Fearlessly Facing Fifty

October 20, 2020

Amy Schmidt - Fearlessly Facing Fifty

In this podcast I talk to Amy Schmidt. Amy is also a podcaster, author, public speaker, blogger, Founder and CEO of Fearlessly Facing Fifty. Her mission is to empower and encourage women over forty to go all in and not lose their identity or become invisible.

Her family has moved many times over the years for her husband’s career and she was the CEO of home and family. Now it’s her time, and she’s written her book Cannonball, available on Amazon, which came out in June this year. In this programme we talk about why we both want to help women in midlife embrace the next two decades of their life fully, our own experiences of midlife and Amy's key mission to help midlife women let go of fear and fulfil their dreams now.

Amy can be found at and her book Cannonball, is out on Amazon now.

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