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Fay Afghahi - The Hair Loss Heroine

May 19, 2020

Fay Afghahi - The Hair Loss Heroine

Fay Afghahi started her career in beauty at Elizabeth Arden, but that wasn’t going to be where she stayed.  In short, Fay had a meteoric career becoming Managing Editor of Elle magazine Arabia before she gave it all up to start her own brand, Kerahealth.

Fay’s passion is hair loss in women (men too) as she knows how that feels and how it impacts mental health and wellbeing at any age.  In this programme we explore how she got to hair loss, an unsexy end of the beauty market, but an area that is just so impactful for so many women, particularly in midlife.  Fay talks candidly about her own struggles with thin hair and why this is so important to bring into everyday discussions.  Listen in HERE

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