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Dr Bjorn Orvar - BioEffect

October 08, 2019

Dr Bjorn Orvar - BioEffect

Dr Björn Örvar is a very bright man.

A scientist, he's been to two universities, and specialises in plant molecular biology. Besides this he's a thoroughly nice man and the founder of BioEffect, a skincare company that around ten years ago took the beauty industry by storm and has remained a go-to product for anyone serious about their skincare.

He started his career by studying for a degree in Biology in Iceland before moving to the University of British Columbia where he received his PhD in Plant Molecular Biology.  He then went onto McGill University in Canada to study for a post-doctoral fellow at before returning to Iceland.

Originally into genetics, Dr Bjorn turned his knowledge to skincare with BioEffect but it wasn't somewhere he saw as his natural home.  In short, the cosmetic business wasn't as strong on the rights and wrongs of data unlike many of the studies in his scientific life.  Cosmetic data, when there was any was more open to "interpretation"which is why he didn't see it as his natural home.

However, he was convinced that growth hormones from a plant source are beneficial to the skin and so he created BioEffect EGF Serum.  Initially, there was only one product in the range because that was the best product.  Ten years on and the brand has evolved substantially, but you can see a great video HERE of how the product is created purely from plant proteins.

In essence, the product is attempting to thicken the skin on the face - why?  So many reasons:

1.  Thickness makes your skin look plump

2.  Thicker skin loses less moisture meaning it looks plump for longer

3.  Thinner skin is fragile and can get more easily damaged by pollution etc.

4. Thinner skin sags more easily

5. Thinner skin shows under eye dark circles more easily

In short, this is a company that cares deeply about the ingredients of the product, the potential result and how to get the consumer what they want from skincare - safe, effective, ethical products. 

Dr Bjorn's podcast with me is HERE - enjoy!