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Colin Milner - The Active Ageing Expert

August 08, 2019

Colin Milner - The Active Ageing Expert

We don't often feature men in our podcasts.  We love men, but this is a space where midlife women explore life, news and beauty to find out about things that will help them.

However, Colin isn't any ordinary man.

Colin is the Founder and CEO of the International Council for Active Ageing ( which is now in 37 countries worldwide.  What he doesn't know about ageing well isn't worth knowing.

I've been to his conferences and the depth of knowledge out there about how we can age well is phenomenal. I learnt that dementia sufferers (and my mum was one of the them) for some reason often eat more if their food is serve on a coloured plate - who knew?

Anyway, in this podcast Colin gets to the point of what we need to do and why.  We also talk about whether chairs will carry health warnings in future and the difference in ageing between men and women.

In short, if you want to know what to do to physically age well then this is the podcast for you - enjoy!