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Maleka Datto Founder of Merumaya Skincare

June 13, 2019

Maleka Datto Founder of Merumaya Skincare

Maleka Datto had a career in beauty at the highest level - she was on good terms with Leonard Lauder, when he was CEO of Estee Lauder so she must have been doing something right.  She travelled the world setting up Clinique, Origins and Lancome  in new continents and stores in new cities.

Then she got made redundant.

It was at this point she decided to launch her own brand, Merumaya, an evidence-based, sensorial skincare, loaded with anti-inflammatories that soothe as they perform.  In short, she creates amazing skincare with, in her words "no BS".

In this podcast Maleka talks about her brand in the most honest way, that she's still not made any money from it but that she is humbled every day by the women who tell her how it's changed their skin.  If you've ever fancied launching your own beauty brand have a listen to this and be in awe of a woman who's done just that.

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