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Sarah Cross Founder of Code Beautiful

September 29, 2019

Sarah Cross Founder of Code Beautiful

Sarah Cross is an accomplished young woman.  

Not only does she run Code Beautiful, a beauty company that specialises in creating hero products, but she also runs another business at the same time as well as bringing up a young family.  Accomplished.

However, Code Beautiful is one of the most unusual brands I've encountered.  Currently, it has three products in its portfolio and that's it.  A mascara, lash treatment and a lip liner/colour/plumper in ONE colour.  It's unheard of, but the way Sarah describes it makes perfect sense.

You've got the Code Beautiful mascara from the September box so get that out and have a look.  The brush bristles aren't straight, they criss cross so that they cover all surfaces of the lash.  The texture of the actual mascara isn't gloopy, it's a deep black that glides on and you can tell the difference between this mascara and many, many others.

We've also been lucky enough to get the Code Beautiful's SSL (Soft, Smooth Lip Liner) in the September box.  This is amazing.  It's not only a lip liner, but a lip colour and a lip plumper.  Sarah's thought really carefully about the whole formulation to ensure that it plumps lips over time, rather than irritate them into plumping like many other formulations.  Likewise, it is in the ultimate colour.  It's a neutral muddy rose shade which doesn't even have a name because she only sells one shade.  How mad is that?  Totally, until you try it!

This is a genius product.

First, the lid.  You don't need to sharpen this, you don't need to wind it our of the holder because every time you close the lid this is automatically done for you.

The colour suits everyone - EVERYONE! 

It's not as soft as some lipsticks, but then the colour is trying to hang onto your list rather than come off at the first sight of a coffee mug.  In short, these are amazing products, so unusual, so well thought through that I think you'll love them!


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